time-management-294x300If you are a business owner, you know that there just are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. You go in early, and you stay late, and you even work at night after the family has gone to bed. But you still can’t seem to get everything done that needs to be done. If you are faced with this dilemma, then you need to spend a little bit of time reading about how to appropriately manage your time so that you can get more done in fewer hours. Want to get the basics? Read on as your accountant in Billings, MT explains some of the secrets to time management.


Prioritize Your Obligations

Sometimes there are far too many things that need to get done in the day, and just not enough time. You have to prioritize exactly what needs to be done first, and what can be put off until later. Doing this is actually a whole lot easier than you might think, and it takes on two steps.

Before you even add something to your to-do list think “eliminate, simplify, delegate”. These three words can make your life a whole lot easier and can boost your productivity. For instance, when you have to get something done, think “does it even need done in the first place?” If not, then just eliminate it from your to-do list. If you can’t eliminate it, can you simplify it? If not, then can someone else do it?

For instance, let’s think about payroll. You can’t simply stop paying your employees, so elimination is off the board. You may be able to simplify your payroll by only paying employees once per month, but if that is done, then you may not be able to retain those employees that need paid twice per month. You can easily, however, delegate your payroll services. A+ Accounting specializes in payroll, and with a short meeting you can remove this huge burden and free up a lot of your time.

Once you have your to-do list trimmed down by eliminating, delegating, and simplifying, you are now ready for the second step. Everyone’s list contains some difficult tasks, some that are fairly easy, and a whole lot in between. In order to be as productive as possible, tackle those harder tasks (or the ones you dread doing) first thing. Save the easier stuff for later when you’re tired and you just want to go home. Doing so will help you to accomplish more in the day than you ever thought possible.

Need to Get a Lot Done? Schedule a Power Hour

There will be times, even after you trim down your to-do list that you just have a ton of stuff to tackle. Now is the time to kick things into overdrive, and make sure that you knock out as many tasks as possible. You need a power hour.

A power hour is simple really. You lock yourself in a room where you won’t be distracted. You mute the phone, log off the internet if possible, and just work. You work hard, you work fast, and you work for exactly one hour. At the end of the hour, find a stopping point, and go stretch your legs. You could walk around the block, spend a few minutes watching cat videos, or get a cup of coffee; it doesn’t matter just clear your mind from work. If you are still behind, have another power hour after your break.

Just Say No

Many entrepreneurs have the problem that they want to do everything. You might need some money, you might need to expand your resume, or you might just want to make everyone happy. The end result is you end up with too much on your plate and it causes unnecessary stress. When this happens, you need to train yourself to say “no.”

When you do have to tell someone no, don’t worry about them being offended (unless you’re rude about it). Instead, simply tell them “I’m really booked at the moment, when things calm down I can check back to see if you’re still in need.” Most of the time people understand and if they’re in a bind they can find someone else to help them. If they wait, then it’s a good sign that you have a superior service or product; one worth waiting for.

Make the Most of Time Management

Now that you have spent time learning about time management, get back to work. Figure out your priorities, and then get in touch with us here at A+ Accounting & Consulting. We are a full service accounting firm in Billings, Montana, and we can offer you services that will help free up your time so you can run your business more efficiently. Schedule an appointment today by calling 406-894-2050.