Large bills fanned out and held in hand

Large bills fanned out and held in hand

There are many people that are fantastic at their jobs. They do so well that they deserve to be promoted. After their promotion they would have more responsibilities, a higher pay, and be in an overall better situation. Many of those people are passed over for promotion for two reasons: they don’t ask for one, or they don’t ask properly. Just popping into your boss’s office and asking for the promotion likely won’t yield the results that you desire. However, if you take the approach that your payroll services expert in Billings, Montana recommends, you can be sure to land that promotion (and all it entails).


Do Your Homework

The worst thing that can happen when you want to be promoted, is to simply walk into your boss’s office and ask for the promotion. Most of those conversations go something like this:

Employee: I have been here one year now. I think I deserve a raise/promotion.

Boss: What have you done to deserve it?

Employee: I have arrived on time every day, worked hard, I understand the business and the job, I have more responsibilities now than when I started.

Boss: So… what have you done to deserve a raise?

Employee: I’ve been here a year, and all the stuff I just said.

Boss: Now isn’t the right time.

While it seems silly, that is how the vast majority of people ask for a raise or a promotion. They simply walk in and ask (or usually demand) it. The gut reaction is to throw up defensive arguments and turn down the employee.

Before you ask your boss for that raise or promotion, you need to do your homework. This can be extensive, and it should start when you begin working.

Track Your Progress – As soon as you begin your job, you need to track your progress. How many accounts are you bringing in? What value are you adding? How are you easing your boss’s burden? Over time all of these quantifiable aspects will grow and give you solid evidence that you deserve more.

Go Above and Beyond – As you work, you have to do more than the minimum. The minimum will help you to keep your job, going above will help you grow your career. If you are comfortable doing just the minimum, then you must be comfortable earning just the minimum.

Know the Competition – Your job isn’t the only one in the industry. This can go both ways. If you’re a terrible employee, you are replaceable. If you’re a great employee, you have options. Pulling out the “I can work for XYZ” should be a last resort option. And be prepared to follow through on your threats.

Asking for the Promotion

Now for the daunting part: asking for the promotion. First, here are your don’ts.

  1. Don’t ask at your performance evaluation
  2. Don’t blindside your boss
  3. Don’t be demanding
  4. Don’t ask without evidence

Your boss needs to know, ahead of time, what you are meeting about. He needs to know what he can offer, even if he is “certain” the answer will be no, before you step foot in the room. When you do go in, follow these tips.

  1. Do be polite
  2. Do show evidence of increased productivity
  3. Do expect the answer to be no, and have a compromise ready
  4. Do be prepared to move to another company

If you have done your homework, and you have evidence to show that you are providing much more value to the company than you did when you received your last raise or promotion, then your boss shouldn’t have any problem giving you the promotion.

Practical Taxes

Practical Taxes is a full service accounting firm in Billings, Montana. If you are passed over for promotions or raises repeatedly, it may be time to start your own company. When that time comes, we can help with business consultation, payroll services, tax preparation, and much more. Let us ease the burden so you can focus on growing your business.