As most of you already now, tax day is just a week away. For those of you who have yet to file, we understand the stress and the pressure of getting it done soon. However, for those of you under a serious time crunch, there are ways in which you can extend your tax deadlines—however this does not get you out of paying your taxes in a timely manner, it only gives you a little breathing room to get everything in order. Your accountant can help you to file an extension if you are going to need one. You can also find this information on the IRS website. The extension is merely a six-month time leniency in which a person may get together their returns.


If a person cannot afford to pay their taxes immediately, the IRS does have payment plans. Taxes wont be forgiven when someone participates in this plan, but like most things involving debt, the IRS will accept payment for a predetermined period of time during which the amount owed in tax is entirely paid. These payment plans can extend up to seventy-two months, although if you find yourself having to use these payment plans, you may want to consult with your accountant to prepare a plan for the next year. There is also a plan which the IRS labels the offer-in-compromise, which states that qualified, struggling tax payers may settle their tax debt for less money then they actually owe. This plan is beneficial to some, although it’s only for qualified persons, and your accountant can determine—if this is something in which you’ll need to participate—if you qualify.

Tax day is stressful, and your accountant understands that. If your one of the many who are struggling under either a time constraint or you’re struggling with financial concerns, make sure to call your accountant so that you may benefit from these IRS programs. If you are ready to get your taxes done and you have the time between now and tax day, call your accountant and get your 2015 taxes behind you.

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