Not everyone is a first-rate financial planner, and studies show that people today are working well past, what used to be, the average age of retirement—now, whether that is the cause of poor financial planning, or just the measure of our country’s current economic circumstances is debatable. But, what we do know is that almost all of us, regardless of how much we’ve saved for our financial futures, could always save more. This is especially evident for those of us running small businesses, in charge of our own retirements, and every dollar we make needs to be put to good use. So, how do we do it? How do we become better financial planners? Here are a few helpful tips.

Know your goal and stick to it

Even if you’re a twenty-something or thirty-something, know that your end goal is to retire as comfortably as you are able. This may mean setting up retirement accounts early, and remembering to always put money into your retirement account. When you’re young, consider short-term goals for financial independence: consider trying to pay down your mortgage loan, ridding yourself of those student loans, so that money won’t be adjusted further, with more interest added, and the amount you were using to pay down your loans can then be added to the amount you pay into your retirement fund every month.

Try and find ways to manage your expenses, and know where you’re spending your hard-earned money. Obviously if you discover an abundance of overspending in a certain area, curtail the spending and stay on track with your financial goals. Create a budget, something to be stuck to weekly, maybe monthly. A budget is a constant reminder of how to best keep responsible for our money.

Lastly, although there are so many ways in which you can focus your energies for retirements, these were just a few important tips, consider speaking with your accountant as to your spending, how you’re affected by retirement plans and the amounts you are paying into your retirements. If you own a small business, an accountant can be one of your most important assets.

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